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About Us

Skipper Jim Greer and his crew will travel over 6,600 miles in the all solar-powered boat "RA" around North America’s Great Loop Waterway in search of the intriguing, the beautiful, and the bizarre. They’ll explore the unique ecology and the living history on the waterway’s banks and meet the colorful characters that populate its towns and boat-ways. These great stories and places will be captured on video and photos to share with all of the supporters, fans and followers of the "RA" Nation.


The Great Loop

First Solar-Powered Boat

North Americas Great Loop Waterway as it is known by makes it possible to travel around the the U.S. and parts of Canada in one Great Circle. This journey can be completed without removing your boat from its waters or venturing into open ocean other than a short distance out around Sandy Hook in New Jersey at the entrance to Hudson River at N.Y.C. or a portion of Florida's Gulf Coast. There are many story's available of all types of vessels large and small that have successfully completed this journey and our's is one of them.


Solar-Powered Eco-Green Boat

The “RA” is a 48’ trimaran custom built by Skipper Jim able to move lightly across the water’s surface with minimum disturbance. It sleeps six, totally self contained tho to a minimum. With its no frills decor it compares to camping trip when we were young but on the water. With solar panels, batteries and Torqeedo Electric Motors we are able to complete our travel days without any use of fossil fuels or plugging into marinas electric hook-ups when docked. No we don't have a back up generator or power cords in case of emergency as that's the adventure in it.

Plot Outline

With the complication of the east coast part of the Great Loop from Clearwater Flordia to Bobcaygun locks in Canada and over 10,000 miles up and down the east coast the "RA" is now ready to continue on. In the second leg of this journey the “RA" is attempting to see if it is possible to make such a monumental journey entirely under pure solar power. That's right, pure solar power with no back up and for this we will go down in the record books as the first pure solar powered boat to complete America's Great Loop.


Enjoy these videos from the different channels.

Adventure Powered by the Sun

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